how it works

1        Call

let's talk about your ideas and thoughts. we can cover all questions and expectations in a call.

2       pool

find a pool

private pools and club houses are the best

send me a picture

if you cannot access a pool I will help find one

3       inspiration

check my pinterest for inspiration

look through your warderobe

do some youtube learning - click here 1  2  3  

be creative

4       Train (optional)

most people and children can dive well enough for a pool portrait

for better posing and modeling its advised to train 

Breath holding

opening eyes underwater

gliding underwater, by pushing off

moving gently

see section how/training

5       shoot

be openminded

be free ( we will use only good pictures, all else @trashcan)


share your thoughts


6       choose

i will send you quite a few pictures with slight edits

pic your favorites

let me know desired style, edits, changes


7       edits

a lot is possible, with a lot of work

give me some time and I will create your perfect memory