Can we do the shoot in club house / club membership?

Yes, normally that is no problem. Housing management sometimes may look for reasons to cancel. It may make sense to get approval prior to the shoot. In some occasions the building management took up to a week to approve. 

Most importantly we cannot bother other guests or residents.

And we cannot take pictures of them in the background.

Sports clubs sometimes refer to the rules, where photos are not allowed. Usually we just show up and start shooting, it is more difficult for them to argue then. Or you inquire in advance.

Best time is usually weekdays mornings 9-11am. 

INDOOR OR OUTDOOR POOL?  And what time of day is best?

Both have their merits. Pools outside can be sunlit and the refractions of the surface ripples create interesting effects on the skin. Best times for outdoor pool is early morning or afternoon.

Indoor pools allow me to fully control the lighting. So the shots can become cleaner and with more isolated background. Any time of the day is good for indoor

Is it difficult to dive?  

No, its not. There are many tricks.

For adults we use weights and weight straps to hold you down. 


Do I need to be able to hold my breath for long periods?

No, it's not necessary. Sure, it helps. Train a little.


Can my baby swim?

Young babies can swim a little, but do not count on it. You will be next to the baby at all times.

The way we shoot allows to edit out the hands and bodies out of the final picture.



Young babies have an automatic breath hold reflex. It stops at the age of around 15 months of age, when they need to relearn it again.,

Let some water run over your baby's head and see if he/she holds his breath.

Once they lost the automatic reflex one should start taking the baby regularly to the pool. Now is the time where it will be influenced to love the water.

I cannot swim, is it a problem?

We shoot in water where you can just stand. So it is possible for sure.

It is more difficult to dive if you cannot swim, but I can train you first.